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Sponsor Spotlight: The Frida Cinema


  The Frida Cinema is in the heart of La Cuatro. A traditional marquee stands out among its neighboring eateries and businesses, clearly identifying itself as a movie theater. Only, the Frida is not a movie theater, it’s an art house. The only art house in Orange County. An art house is a horse of a different color. Like a living breathing organism, it is ever-changing, growing with immense vitality. A namesake of Frida Kahlo, the Frida Cinema embodies the barrier-breaking spirit of Kahlo herself. Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: The Frida Cinema

Sponsor Spotlight: González Northgate Markets


  The 2nd annual Viva La Vida is less than a week away. While we count down the days, we’d like to spotlight our generous sponsors. As a grassroots team of locals, most of whom were born and raised in Santa Ana, we’re proud to collaborate with businesses that love this city as much as we do. Working on Viva La Vida is a labor of love for each of us and we’re happy to be supported not only by businesses that we frequent, but also the individuals behind those businesses. Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: González Northgate Markets