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Choose love…

As we approach the upcoming Viva La Vida festival, plans begin for our altares. We plan which photos we’d like to share and the offerings and treats we will set out for our muertitos, in anticipation of enjoying just one more night in their presence. We remember the time we spent together and with that also comes the realization of our losses. For some, creating an altar is a step toward healing and closure. But as we gather together, let us remember that this is a time of love. Love for family and friends no longer with us physically. Love for tradition, our culture and heritage.


With all of the hurt and pain that too often strikes our everyday, and especially with such tragic events that we are witnessing happen far too often, I ask that we remember to love one another each and every day, without limit. Remember to always be kind, as our physical time here is fleeting and the moments we share with one another are only temporary. However the love that we choose to share with those around us lasts forever. The altars and tributes paid on the day of the dead is a testament to this. Gone by no means implies forgotten, and el amor es eterno/love is eternal. As the day approaches, the Viva La Vida team is so excited to share this experience with each of our altar builders, as that unmistakable feeling of love and hope will soon fill the air. Your love is what gives life to this beautiful celebration and we thank you for sharing your stories and history with us.

Con mucho amor/With lots of love,


Sponsor Spotlight: The Frida Cinema


  The Frida Cinema is in the heart of La Cuatro. A traditional marquee stands out among its neighboring eateries and businesses, clearly identifying itself as a movie theater. Only, the Frida is not a movie theater, it’s an art house. The only art house in Orange County. An art house is a horse of a different color. Like a living breathing organism, it is ever-changing, growing with immense vitality. A namesake of Frida Kahlo, the Frida Cinema embodies the barrier-breaking spirit of Kahlo herself. Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: The Frida Cinema

Sponsor Spotlight: González Northgate Markets


  The 2nd annual Viva La Vida is less than a week away. While we count down the days, we’d like to spotlight our generous sponsors. As a grassroots team of locals, most of whom were born and raised in Santa Ana, we’re proud to collaborate with businesses that love this city as much as we do. Working on Viva La Vida is a labor of love for each of us and we’re happy to be supported not only by businesses that we frequent, but also the individuals behind those businesses. Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: González Northgate Markets

Dia de los Muertos – A celebration of amor eterno


Hi there! My name is Jessica and I coordinate the altars at the Santa Ana Dia de los Muertos Festival, Viva La Vida. Since 2009, my husband and I have participated as altar builders in other local day of the dead celebrations creating altars for our loved ones who have departed. Continue reading Dia de los Muertos – A celebration of amor eterno

Viva La Vida Highlights from 2015


Viva La Vida 2015 was phenomenal. And it couldn’t have happened without you! Check out this short clip of last years highlights! Make sure you share this video and our new 2016 event with your friends and family.

Stay posted to our website for more updates leading up to the festival on October 22nd 2016!

Continue reading Viva La Vida Highlights from 2015