Altar Makers Wanted!

Take part in this unforgettable community event by participating as an altar builder. We invite you to build an altar dedicated to a loved one or to bring awareness to a social issue.

Being an altar maker is a beautiful experience however it is also a big responsibility. Please enlist the help of family and friends, as it is a long day. We request that altar builders commit to attending to their altar until breakdown time of 10 pm.

Every effort is made to make this experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. To cover the cost of associated with the trash generated by the altars, we do request a $25 donation to reserve your space as an altar maker.

Click here to complete the online 2016 Altar Builder Application Form


Print and mail the Altar_Builder_Application_2016 form

Reservation donations can be made payable to Calacas and can be mailed to
PO Box 11075 Santa Ana CA 92711 – or – can be dropped off at Cafe Calacas. Reservations are made on a first come, first-served basis and we expect altar spaces to FILL UP.

For additional info, please contact Rudy Cordova at 714-333-6161 – or Jessica at 714-200-5192 –